Google Shopping and Product Listings

 Google Shopping campaigns allow our to reach the shoppers that matter most to your manufactured products business. We simply target the exact clientelle in search of what you're selling.

ConstructionCLICKS builds this product driven ad campaign so your products not only appear within the Google Shopping network, but also they'll be displayed in Google Search results while customers search for the types of products you're marketing.

A great benefit to this form of marketing is that only minimal portions of the budget is used when shoppers click-through to view your inventory.

The ConstructionCLICKS team will also design and create your ads to show up across all devices such as desktops, phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. This important so online shoppers see your products for sale, whether they’re on the go or not.

To encourage more interaction and enticement with your shoppers interest, we "construct" the campaign to include any of your discount offers, rates, reviews — and more.

Upon working with us, we'll qualify your online store with the Google Trusted Stores badge which allows shoppers to know you’re safe and reliable, so they trust you!

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