Retargeting AKA Remarketing


So, what's retargeting? Retargeting is the way of placing tag on visitors from your website, to then target them specifically with your ads later on. This method of online marketing displays your ads across a network (such as Google's) which consists of millions of websites. These ads are fully dynamic, and will only show to people who have been to your page.


ConstructionCLICKS won't only place you in front of the ideal client, at the time of decision, but we'll also help keep you in front of them consistently, in order to squeeze the most success of out your marketing budget.

Retargeting Stats To Take Note of:
1046% brand recognition increase. Vital for businesses during their first 3-5 years in business.

Well over 50% of visitor browse two websites before converting into a phone call, or contact form submission.

All in all, website visitors who are retargeted prove to be 70% more likely to convert into a client from your website.

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