ADA Compliance & Accessibility 

ADA Compliance For Websites? It's No Different than Wheelchair Ramps...


Construction and remodeling companies who focus on servicing public consumer markets, are at serious risk of getting caught in legal issues pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA / Title III) online accessibility guidelines.


Over 10,000 accessibility lawsuits occurred in 2018 alone.  In most cases, the same disabled individual will file 20 or more lawsuits against multiple companies alleging Title III violations, seeking the business to fix it's website to be ADA accessible, and attorney fees that the statute authorizes.


Experts say ADA Web compliance is the modern day civil rights movement unfolding before our eyes.  With this in mind, your construction company could be targeted too, by attorneys and plaintiffs that perform tests on your website to find accessibility issues.


Some vital tests include scanning your construction site for proper coding and layout(s) which make it possible (or impossible) for screen reading software to depict the site information to users with disabilities. Additional tests include picture description scans (images must be labeled accurately), font legibility, contrasts of colors, and more.  If you're construction-focused business is not within the guidelines of Section 508 of the Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, they very well could come after you just as the 1,000's of other entities.


Businesses of all small and large are being found in litigation over not having a website that is equally accessible to someone who may be impaired.  Just a some of the well-known companies who've been sued for website accessibility issues include Domino's PizzaOlive GardenTargetOutback SteakhouseTexas RoadhouseChick-fil-APF Chang’sKylie Jenner CosmeticsWinn-Dixie Grocery Store, and thousands of others have been hit with federal lawsuits that allege their websites are inaccessible to those who are visually impaired.  Now, small to medium-sized entities are being targeted. Just a small taste of these include, Brooklyn Brewery, Wölffer Estate Winery, Bedell Cellars, and Peter Luger Steakhouse. 1,000's of other companies of less size and popularity have found themselves in legal battles specific to their website's accessibility.

Your construction company has a couple options when it comes to fixing known issues with your website's accessibility.  Simply put, either fix the site your currently have with the errors, or create a new website that is accessible and compliant before going live.


ConstructionCLICKS has teamed up with The ADA Web Compliance Company to ensure our clients have the best team behind their accessibility design and web development needs.  The ADA Web Co. staff includes highly-experienced web accessibility developers, who have constructed some of the largest accessible web environments for the government and major organizations.

In hindsight, the return on investment should be much higher when your construction business opens its' online doors to disabledindividuals.  On top of this, preventing litigation is going to be much less costly than attorney and court fees defending this serious issue.

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